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How to choose the cost-effective LED screen for your next project?


How to choose the cost-effective LED screen for your next project?

What is cost of a LED screen?

Most of the us like to know how much cost of a LED screen before buying a LED screen, but it’s hard to answer as now the market of LED screen is changed a lot: some of LED suppliers goes to high-end, others goes to middle and rest of them goes for wholesales. For this reason, we can not know how much? Not, the following factors will be the main keys for the cost of LED screen.

1, LEDs: like brand Everlight, nationstar, kinglight.

    LED Gold wire or cooper wire.

2, IC driver: Brand, MBI, MYSEMI,CHIPONE.

   TEC product series selected the brand supplier, like Everlight (goldwire), nationstar, Kinglight for the only supplier. And also the MBI,MYSEMI and CHIPIONE for IC driver for our middle-end market with cost-effective products. So here is the questions: how to choose the right LED screen and adjust the parameters to suit our needs? What you should pay extra attention to?

Key Parameters

1, resolution 

The most important parameter of LED screens. Called also pixel pitch, means the density of LED spacing, which affects the quality of the materials presented on the media play. To display graphics,data and other video information the maximum screen resolution is required, thanks to which the recipient will be able to read easily the presented content. For example, the P10 module (P stands for pixel-pitch) has dimensions of 32cm x 16cm, which is equivalent to resolution of 32 x16 pixels. Therefore, building a screen of 3.2 m x 1.6 m size, you get a screen resolution of 320 x 160 pixels, which results from a simple mathematical operation: 3200mm width (3.2 m) divided by the pitch size (distance between pixels 10mm) which will determine the resolution. In such case, it is a horizontal orientation. Similarly, we define a vertical orientation. 1600mm are divided by the pitch size. To obtain a high quality of a picture (resolution), LEDs should be placed as close as possible to each other - that is, very densely.

  • LED type - there are several types of diodes. First of all, there are DIP LEDs used in the outdoor screens. SMD LEDs. They can be used in indoor and outdoor media.

2, The brightness depends on whether the screen is set indoors or outdoors:

  • standard brightness for outdoor screens oscillates around 5000 - 7000cd/m²,
  • outdoor screens with higher brightness: 8000 - 10000cd/m²,
  • indoor screens brightness ranges from  700cd/m² to 2500cd/m².


3, Refresh rate:

  • All our screens from TEC DISPLAYS Led Screen series have a very high refresh rate, above 38000 Hz and colour processing at 16 bits per colour.

Applications of LED screens

  • Rental LED screens

For frequent change of media location portable (rental) screens are perfect. They are built of lighter materials, and fitting them with special latches and quick connectors allows a rapid assembly and disassembly of the structure. For transporting rental screen modules the so called cases are used - flight cases for storage and transport. Rental screens are also perfectly suited for arrangement  of sport bands and tours.




 Transparent LED Screen

 LED Panels can be used in many different applications and creative ways. The backing of the panels can designed to be semi- transparent, allowing wind to pass through and reduce the weight of the product and more, it does not block the light of building..

TEC new transparent film LED screen is a revolutionary products in glass LED screen, the most important advantages is the installation: you just need paste the film on window glass like a sticker, it turns the glass into video media.





LED Curtain

LED curtains are the best for irregular spaces, as well as for making of original and spectacular scenery. Installed inside of buildings or in open spaces they may be hung on any building structure, because of their low weight. LED curtains can be of any shape, and their use depends only on the needs and requirements of customers. Soft and rigid curtains, or their different dimensions, are just a few examples of possibilities offered by the LED curtains. TEC displays soft LED curtain design for the best curving fixed installation.




How to choose the cost-effective LED screen for your next project?
How to choose the cost-effective LED screen for your next project?
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