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Why do you should use out-of-home advertising?


TEC Building wall OOH LED film solution

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising provides a solution across core marketing objectives. With advances in technology that have raised it to an art form in some settings, OOH provides targeted marketing and one of the highest returns on investment.

OOH can raise brand awareness by engaging target audiences with strong market penetration. It can also create consideration with placements in close proximity to points-of-interest (POIs) to influence a sale. There are many activation opportunities for OOH to return against objectives. To achieve these goals, marketing campaigns need to reach consumers where they live, work, and play.

Is out-of-home advertising right for you? Find out more about the targetability in OOH, the costs involved, and how it could benefit your business.

Who Should Take Advantage of OOH Advertising?
People today are on the move, spending more than 
70 percent of their time outside the home. OOH advertising allows you to accompany consumers on their journey across any given market. Compared to other advertising mediums, OOH acts as a backdrop and is woven into the fabric of our daily lives.

Location-based research and hyper local targeting help to capture consumer attention and make the most of this medium. Top industries that benefit from OOH advertising include:

· Agriculture

· Alcohol

· Construction

· Education

· Entertainment

· Finance

· Food & Beverage

· Health care

· Hospitality

· Insurance

· Manufacturing

· Products & Goods

· Retail

· Telecommunications

· Technology

· Travel & Tourism

Benefits of Advertising in OOH
The Out-of-Home Association of America (OAAA) encourages businesses to think of OOH as a blank canvas. Highly customizable, its potential is limited only by your imagination. Used on highways, city streets, buses, sidewalks, and in shopping malls, OOH allows you to go practically anywhere in reaching your audience. Other benefits OOH can provide for your business include:

· Driven by data science, allowing you to create the most effective and measurable campaigns against key performance indicators (KPIs)

· Targeted campaigns, allowing you to target a broad or hyper local customer base

· Timed displays, which can be set to run ads all day or during peak hours

· Non-traditional & experiential activations capture the public’s attention and encourage interaction and social shares

· Amplification with contextually relevant opportunities through creative production build outs on traditional placements and place-based networks

· Lower overall costs, which provide you with higher returns on investment (ROI) and returns on ad spend (ROAS)

OOH Advertising Myths Debunked

· Cost of entry for OOH is high. This is simply not the case, as OOH does not have spending minimums. In fact, OOH is extremely budget-friendly based on your key objectives, market nuances, and target audience. For example, if your desired outcome is to reach shoppers during micro-moments in key essential businesses, there is a good chance that hyperlocal OOH inventory exists to match your messaging needs at a very efficient cost.

· OOH is flashy, big & bold. While OOH can be big and bold from freeway placements and hand painted wallscapes, not every program needs to appear in Times Square or on Sunset Blvd. You can make a huge impact with consumers on a more intimate level through digital displays at the doctor’s office, gas station, or bus stop.

· OOH is hard to measure. False! OOH is increasingly easy to accurately reach precise audiences through location observation data in the physical world. As audiences encounter OOH placements, their exposures can be attributed to business outcomes such as store and website visitations or sales lifts.

OOH is still the best solutions to promote your brand, let's work together for the better commercial LED solution in OOH advertising. 

Why do you should use out-of-home advertising?
TEC Building wall OOH LED film solution
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